Exercise Bike Lets You Race At Home

September 11, 2007


Made by German manufacturer Daum Electronics, the web enabled Ergo Bike Premium 8i (really rolls off the tongue doesn't it?) lets you race other bikers from around the world. It has a bunch of different virtual courses available, each based on a real place. You can chat with the other racers via VOIP, monitor their heart rates, and it even has a web cam in case anyone is biking topless. The unit costs $3,500. I would just challenge all the ladies online to a round of strip biking, then take the pedals off and attach a cordless drill and socket. It may sound like cheating, but there's no such thing as cheating when you haven't seen any boobies (except your own) in almost three years.

Exercise Bike Lets You Race At Home [uberreview]

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