Colorlight DVD Sets The Mood

September 25, 2007


Huge flatscreens are okay for watching movies and all, but who needs a movie when you can have slowly rotating colors? For $25 you can pick up the Color Light DVD from Charles & Marie, and then drive off a cliff for being stupid.

This DVD softly rotates through a series of wonderful colors in all sorts of hues and creates a wonderfully pleasant mood...If you fancy a particular color, you can simply pause the DVD there and savor hmmm maybe some soft green or a little hot pink - all depending on what your mood is like that moment...So, for the next cocktail eve you've got planned, you might want to throw on the telly for a little - mood enhancing...

Jesus, what in the hell is going on? A mood color DVD for cocktail eves? What the hell is a cocktail eve anyway? Is that when you go downtown and get so drunk you pee into the Golden Tee golf game? Because if so then I've hosted those before.

Colorlight DVD Sets The Mood [ohgizmo]

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