Coca-Cola Introduces Self-Chilling Bottle

September 19, 2007


Coca-Cola, a company best known for putting narcotics in their soda, is rolling out a new technology they hope will take the industry by storm. Self-chilling bottles! That's right, you twist the top off, and presto, the inside of the bottle chills your drink to a pleasant temperature. They don't want to scare anyone away from their current beverages in case these things start exploding (or taste like ass), so they're going to drop 'Sprite Super Chilled', which will probably suck. Just like the clear colas from the 90's. What they need to do is apply this technology to the beer in my car, and make the commute to and from work, uh, even more dangerous.

Coca-Cola Introduces Self-Chilling Bottle [ohgizmo]

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