Bomb Proof Speed Camera

September 6, 2007


Currently in use in Holland, Peek Traffic's IDEE, or Innovative Digital Enforcement Environment, is designed to capture speeders using both radar technology, as well as induction loops in the road. The four high resolution digital cameras use infra-red flashes, so speeders don't know they're being snapped. They cost up to $100,000 each and are allegedly bomb and fire proof. Any vibrations or smoke detected by the system sends an alert to the nearest police station. While this is very clever, is the glass paint proof? It seems like they should tackle that before worrying about bombs and fire. It's like locking the door, putting down the blinds, and turning your music up loud before making sweet love to yourself, then realizing your mom is in the room. First things first.

One more of the camera in all its glory after the jump.


Bomb Proof Speed Camera [therawfeed]

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