America's Army Coming To Arcades

September 13, 2007


America's Army, a game initially released on PCs as a U.S. Army recruiting tool, is making its way to your local arcade/bar.

The game is going to feature eight training mini-games that intend to bring highly authentic Army training exercises to players, along with a drill sergeant to ‘bring out the best in each player’. The game will also use leaderboards to encourage competition and reward players for teamwork and following the Rules of Engagement.

I can hardly wait. The shooting game at the local bar now sucks, and this thing is supposed to be bad ass. It's allegedly going to be using the latest version of the Unreal Engine, so the graphics should be straight. I've already got a moderately stiff boner just thinking about all the beer I'm going to swig and the terrorists I'm going to kill.

America's Army Coming To Arcades [thanks to Lee, Lord of Audio, for the tip]

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