Zubbles Are Colored Bubbles!

August 31, 2007


They are bubbles. They are colored. They are awesome! Zubbles have been in the works for almost a decade, but they aren't hitting the market until spring of 2008.

Zubbles are soap bubbles that used special dyes called leuco dyes allowing them to be colored. The purple bubble uses a chemical called crystal violet lactone. The soap mixture that produces them was the first in the world. Invented by Tim Kehoe, a toy creator from St. Paul, Minnesota, the bubbles have a very distinct color and do not leave stains. After they have popped, the color disappears with friction, water or exposure to air.

I'm going to have to talk to my girlfriends about producing some children ASAP so that I will have kids to buy these for. Because heading down to the park with no kids of your own and playing bubbles with random children is less like fun, and more like getting the police called.

More pictures after the jump.





Product Site [thanks to the always young at heart Jodi for the tip]

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