Weight Watching Robot Keeps You Healthy

August 20, 2007


Those MIT geeks are at it again, this time developing a robot that is supposed to help you watch your weight and make healthier dietary choices. She interacts with you via touchscreen, where you can input the foods you've eaten, look up recipes, etc. She keeps track of your food intake and stats, and makes suggestions for what to eat. She even speaks (despite not having a mouth) and tracks your movement via face recognition. Speaking of which, just look at those eyes, how dreamy. I can imagine her in my kitchen now. "Hey you sexy thing, how about I drive another Twinkie into me? No? How about a bag of Doritos? No again? Then let me at some of those Girl Scout Cookies? What!? Fine, I'll settle for a kiss you hot little thing you. You're plenty sweet for me anyways. XOXO. Mmmmmm."

Weight Watching Robot Keeps You Healthy [BotJunkie]

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