Tree Grows Lights

August 23, 2007


Nick Foley has created what he is calling the Pear Tree. It is a metal tree with lightbulbs that you can remove and take with you to read nudie magazines under the covers when you girlfriend falls asleep.

The pear tree is a hand forged hollow steel tree that serves as the charging station for three urethane pear-lights. Each pear contains ten ultrabright white LEDs, an autonomous charging circuit, and rare-earth magnets that allow it to be "picked" from the tree and remain fully illuminated for over an hour.

While this is certainly a step in the right direction, I was kind of hoping Nick would have invented the Money Tree instead. I'm growing tired of pleasuring burly truckers at rest areas just to make ends meet.

One more of a close-up after the jump.


Tree Grows Lights [ohgizmo]

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