The Vomiting Flashlight

August 9, 2007


The Department of Homeland Security is funding research for a flashlight developed by Intelligent Optical Systems for use as a potential nonlethal weapon. According to Robert Lieberman, CEO of the company,

The flashes temporarily blind a person, as any bright light would, and the light pulses, which quickly change both in color and duration, also cause what Lieberman calls psychophysical effects. These effects, whose effectiveness depends on the person, range from disorientation to vertigo to nausea, and wear off in a few minutes.

First of all, I have heard of this new device being considered reminiscent of a lightsaber (hence the picture), but I don't think anything that can't cut an arm off should be in any way compared to a lightsaber. I mean Luke would still have his hand if Darth Vader was attacking with this thing. Hell, he would have probably put his father down right then and there. And another thing - a flashlight weapon? A flashlight is only a weapon if you're physically p4wning someone with it (I recommend a long Maglite). And get this - if someone was flashing this in my direction I would - you'll never guess - turn away (then kick ass)! Thanks but no thanks, I'm sticking to lethal weapons (I like my assailants dead, not pukey).

The Vomiting Flashlight [Technology Review]

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