Tenori-On Music Sequencer

August 31, 2007


When I first saw this thing I was so hopped up on White Out and spray paint that I thought the guy in the picture was trying to burn a hole in me with his laser eyes. I'm pretty sure he still is, but I noticed that he's holding something. That thing is the Yamaha Tenori-On musical sequencer.

It consists of a screen, held in the hands, of a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED switch buttons, any of which can be activated in a number of ways to create an evolving musical soundscape. The LED switches are held within an aluminium frame, which has two inbuilt speakers, as well as a number of buttons and a dial, which control the type of sound produced.

It's been in development for several years, and is apparently going to be released in the UK in September. I couldn't find a figure on the cost though, which means it's probably more than I'll ever have. Until then, I'll just keep making the only music I know how, the music of love. With the ladies. Lots of them. Pretty ones. Like my girlfriend when I first met her but not anymore. Oh jesus am I in trouble. Honey, if you're reading this I guess you just broke up with me.

A video after the jump.

Tenori-On Music Sequener [gizmodo]

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