Store Camera for Butt

August 10, 2007


This is one for the geekologie ladies out there, so guys feel free to shield your eyes. A Hub Clothing store in Scottsdale has added a video camera outside its dressing rooms so women can view the way their butt looks in jeans without having to look over their shoulder. According to the store:

A lot of people dread trying on jeans and so any more entertaining you can make it the better, A lot of people compare it to trying on bathing suits, you know something they just don't like to do, we're trying to make it painless.

My mother makes all my clothes for me, so jean shopping is not an issue. However, for you women out there that find this of concern, let me give you some advice - if you think a pair of jeans makes your butt look big, it's because your ass is huge.

Joking ladies! You are all gorgeous and beautifully proportioned - I mean that (keep those pictures coming).

Store Camera for Butt [Frostfirecore]

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