Solar Powered Bikini and Gaming Bra

August 13, 2007


The Siggraph 2007 Convention (Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics) went down last week and there were a number of interesting innovations displayed. Among them was an updated solar powered bikini that was first shown in 2006. The bikini generates enough power to charge an iPod or cell phone. I had this idea years ago, except it was a pair of men's swim trunks. The only problem was that the world doesn't produce enough solar cells to cover my ding dong. I would have been able to power the whole state though.

New this year was a bra and boxer set that can be used to control different aspects of video games. Which is pretty sweet, because Hold on to the Boobies might very well be my most favorite game ever. Just a heads up though folks, stay away from one player mode - it's not fun.

Solar Powered Bikini and Gaming Bra [Gizmodo]

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