Smile Detecting Camera

August 20, 2007


Now I'm not a big fan of posting the latest camera or phone or what have you unless it has something real unique about it. And well, this one does (even if it is a sham and doesn't work and is a lie and is stupid). The new Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 has a smile detector. Don't believe it? You're not alone. But Sony insists.

Using Sony’s proprietary algorithm, this innovative intelligent auto shutter system responds actively to smiling faces. To start, just choose SmileShutter from Scene Selection, then press the shutter fully on the subject to be taken; the camera automatically detects the smiling face and closes the shutter. To detect the different degrees of smiles by your subject, you can set Smile Level sensitivity to “high” (to detect a faint smile), “medium” (for a normal smile), or “low” (for a hearty laugh).

While this sounds like a very interesting feature, I don't smile. The batteries will die in the camera and the earth will turn to dust before I do. Smiling is for the weak. Showing that much emotion in a photo basically means your mom dresses you and you're a monster sissy.

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