Robotic Cats Don't Pee On Electronics

August 31, 2007


Sega Toys has released a line of robotic cats in Japan, because, um, people can't care for real cats. The cats interact with you and when you pull their tails they hiss (just like mine!) Unlike mine though, they don't tear up furniture or pee on your electronics. Another thing they don't do is drink liquids, because I fed one a dish of milk and the damn thing's head shot off and caught fire. Despite the drawbacks, I'll just stick to analog cats.

Video advertisement after the jump.

I'm not totally sure, because Japanese is one of the few languages I'm not fluent in, but I think the guy says "All Americans are stupid and will totally buy this" at the beginning of the clip.

Robotic Cats Don't Pee On Electronics [therawfeed]

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