Philips Oil and Water Display

August 7, 2007


Once again my intellectual property has been stolen, this time by LG Philips for use in their new displays. They have filed a patent application (using the technology pilfered from yours truly, Captain Handsome) for displays that use oil and water inside the pixels. According to the company, their scientists

have come up with a new way to illuminate pixels on a flexible display. The pixels are made from tiny plastic cells filled with minute amounts of oil and water. The oil floats on the surface of the water and shrouds the colored surface underneath it. When electricity is applied across the cell, the oil moves aside, changing the color of the pixel. The resulting display is apparently full color and glossy, like the cover of a magazine.

Well it looks like I'm out of yet another million. I had actually come up with this idea years ago, but the patent office said that a bowl of oil and water was not patentable. I told them that there were incredible uses for such a mixture, citing several good examples like salad dressing (flexible displays eluded me at the time), but they still refused. Now they won't even accept my patent applications, citing that my last invention, the automatic dishwasher, looked too much like my wife shackled in the kitchen.

Philips Oil and Water Display

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