NASA's Cyberwall Is Underpowered

August 22, 2007


NASA, an organization never to be outdone with the latest and greatest, has constructed a cyberwall at the Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. What is a cyberwall you ask?

The wall has 49 screens, each of which is driven by its own Dual 2 Ghz AMD Opteron processor with nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600. In addition, with 100 gigabyte of disk space and one gigabyte of RAM per node, the system has approximately five terabytes of aggregate disk space, and 50 gigabyte of aggregate RAM. The wall has over 64 Million Pixels, over 55 Square Feet of Viewing Surface, and 100Gb/s of visual Output.

Now I'm not totally sure what all that means because I still use a Commodore 64 for all my computing, but I'm pretty confident what they're saying is that the wall can see into the future.

One more of the coolest dude ever pointing at a faulty monitor after the jump.


NASA's Cyberwall Is Underpowered [newlaunches]

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