Laptop Fire Case Study

August 27, 2007


Well by now I'm sure you're aware that laptops and cell phones have been blowing up all over the place recently, and I present to you this case as an example of what not to do when something of yours explodes.

Douglas Brown, a computer network administrator from Columbus, Georgia said his Dell 9200 wide-screen laptop's batteries exploded into flames, it "looked like fireworks which would have been cool had it not been in my house." Brown called 911 and the fire department responded with two pumpers, a ladder truck, the HAZMAT unit, an ambulance and the battalion chief.

Now I've told many women I've met in bars that I'm a forensic scientist, so I practically am. And based on my expert opinion I'm going to have to say that this Douglas character should have his "man" status revoked and be demoted to "infant". Look at that fire, does that look 911 worthy? I've put out bigger flames on birthday cakes. In the time it took him to dial 911 I'm pretty confident he could have put that fire out with, well, anything. So, when something of yours goes boom, don't be a Douglas, stomp the damn thing like any normal person would.

Laptop Fire Case Study [therawfeed]

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