Kameraflage Secret Message Apparel

August 9, 2007


You may have already seen this because you're much hipper than I am, but you're not more attractive. Captain Handsome bows to no one in the good looks department. Anyways, someone has developed a technology that allows hidden messages to be printed on shirts, and only show up through a digital camera. According to the company,

Kameraflage is possible because digital cameras see a broader spectrum of light than human eyes. By rendering content in these wavelengths we are able to create displays that are invisible to the naked eye, yet can be seen when imaged with a digital camera.

So basically you can now wear a t-shirt with dirty words on it that will only be visible when someone takes a digital picture of you. Which is pretty brilliant - or so I thought. Let's just say my grandparents were less than impressed with the Kameraflage "Eat a Dong" t-shirt I mistakenly wore in our annual Christmas card photo.

Kameraflage Secret Message Apparel [Official Site]

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