Google Earth Now Features Outerspace

August 28, 2007


If you haven't heard already Google announced the launch of the Sky feature that is now included in Google Earth. It, um, lets you look at stars and planets instead of buildings and people. You can go to any location on earth and view what the sky looks like from that spot. You can also "blast off" and check out galaxies and nebulae and other things that don't really exist and are all make believe. Trust me, as a cosmonaut I know. You get up to the earth's atmosphere and it's just like a big cinderblock wall with stars and stuff painted on in glow paint. Kind of like the stickers on the ceiling in my bedroom. Come on over ladies and I'll show you the Little Dipper. I mean Big Dipper. Big Dipper. HUGE Dipper.

A completely unscripted video after the jump, explaining the new features.

Google Earth Now Features Outerspace [official site]

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