Fujitsu 231 Inch Display

August 7, 2007


Nothing says "My life is way better than yours" than a rumpus room with a television that puts all your friends' to shame. To be the best, now is the time to strike- with Fujitsu's new 231 inch display.

Granted 1. it won't fit in your rumpus room or on the lawn 2. the max resolution is 512 x 288 (you have to sit 15 feet away - each pixel is approximately 1/2 inch), and 3. it costs over $500,000 - but these are just small technicalities, easily overlooked by anyone with half a lick of sense. I used to think that the digital projector I would project to 80" on my urine stained fitted bedsheet was the best the world had to offer, but now I stand corrected- and shamed (but I won't have to sleep on the bare mattress anymore).

Fujitsu 231 Inch Display

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