Cologne Makes You Smell Like Craft Time

August 31, 2007


Demeter, a fragrance company notorious for their offbeat odors (sushi, humidor, dirt) has released a Crayon scent that is sure to drive the kindergarden ladies wild! At $19 per ounce, it's a little more expensive than melting crayons on yourself, but probably safer. A must have for the under 6 crowd, nothing says "I accidentally glued my genitals to my leg during craft time" like smelling of crayons.

Cologne Makes You Smell Like Craft Time [gizmodo]

  • I love when I find these old gems with the old comments deleted. It's like a fresh start talking shit about stuff no one will ever read. My own little sadistic playground to reference whatever irrelevant pop culture I feel and talk shit about whoever I want with no fear of backlash.... Fuckin' Obama (Do the bartman)

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