The Blow Table Lamp

July 26, 2007


The Blow Table Lamp is lamp designed by Studio Italia Design that features a low-voltage lamp encased in an outer, clear-crystal globe.

Lamp direction is controlled by a matching decorative magnet located on the outside of the clear globe. Place it almost anywhere on the globe and the inside lamp will follow. The Blow Table Lamp is a studio quality work of art that is fun to maneuver.

This thing looks so good but also seems so impractical. How are you supposed to change the bulb? I'm assuming the case comes off but that sort of defeats the whole purpose. You could just stick a glass case around a regular lamp. And at $1,200 the whole point of this thing is to not be a regular lamp. Well, that and to bankrupt you.

Product Page [Lumens via SCI FI Tech]

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