Philippe Starck's Veiled Watch

July 11, 2007


Designer Philippe Starck put together the Veiled Watch which hides the face behind a specially electroplated crystal to mimic the breaks in the bracelet. The design creates the effect that the watch is just a continuous metal band. You can the watch for $150 off Fossil which they describe as:

The crystal is specially electroplated to mimic the breaks in the bracelet, and the sides of the case continue the effect with carefully etched details for design continuity. The crown is a case-back pusher to continue the uncluttered elegance of this style. The shiny stainless steel bracelet is designed to remain thin and comfortable wtih hidden links.

It's a neat concept, but if people can't tell you're wearing a watch they'll think you're wearing a bracelet. A giant silver bracelet. Which is cool for chicks, but should I also invest in some high heels and a skirt?

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