Oryx bike

July 23, 2007



The Oryx is a time trial bike designed by Harald Cramer with a one-sided fork and chain-stay.

Due to its Y-frame shape, it’s comfortably shock-proof without loosing ground contact. Each bike is custom-made which guaranties the perfect fit for every rider and simplifies manufacturing; handle bars, stem and fork are made from one piece. The frame and handle bars are connected via a frame-pivot, guiding cables through the frame as one turns. One of the innovations on the bike is the crank which is designed like a ring and mounted in the inside of the frame by two ball bearings. The whole bike itself is made of carbon composite, which is baked into the frame during the molding process.

It looks great and all, but if you ride it around wouldn't you get sick of people asking you what the year 2054 is like?


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