1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Rolling Door Concept Car

July 10, 2007


The 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Rolling Door Concept Car was designed back in 1993 but never made it to the market because, well, it's ridiculous. Basically instead of opening, the door just disappears into the car. There's an eBay sale of it going on (right now at $19,000) and according to their description:

"Lincoln executives were concerned about the heavy and wide doors on the Mark VIII in the early 1990's especially in large cities with tight parking spots. They were toying with the idea of a Mark VIII that had doors that disappeared beneath the car which would require no additional space for the doors to swing open in order to allow the occupant to exit or enter. Back in the day, the major auto makers would sub-contract their concept designs to other engineering firms who specialiazed in auto concepts and executions. In this particular case, this Lincoln Mark VIII was shipped over to Joalto Design Inc. near Detroit...who created this amazing, one of a kind concept car and shipped it back to Lincoln for executive approval...Unfortunately, the Ford Motor Company executives did not like the design and ordered the car (and the concept) to be sent to the junkyard and destroyed. The current owner had been tracking this car for nearly 20 years and finally convinced the previous owner to part with it."

Check out the video of the car in action after the jump. It will blow your mind.

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