Chinese create e-cigarette

May 10, 2007


Golden Dragon Group Ltd's Ruyan has created an electronic battery-powered cigarette. The e-cigarette activates light and vapour, and even delivers nicotine to the lungs within 7 to 10 seconds. The cigarettes sell for $208 and are already available overseas. They're directed primarily at people trying to quit smoking, deliving the same look and feel but without the health concerns. Although most people take up smoking to look cool, so using this would be counterproductive. I'm not sure daily wedgies is a fair tradeoff for lung cancer.


  • This information is really good and thanks a ton for sharing it :-) I m
    looking forward desperately for the next post of yours..

  • This is really a great invention for me and for smokers. It is a smokeless and odor less smoking device which will help you to quit smoking with traditional cigarette.

  • This is really great technology for me. This e-cigarette gives us a nice look indeed.

  • These look really interesting. I might buy one of these soon!

  • These devices are look like traditional cigarettes but they are much safer, they operate using a battery which is chargeable, the good thing is they are smokeless and you also don't get that bad smell of tobacco.

  • Electronic cigarette is the invention of century when it comes to smoking, i heard that the starting price was $3000 and now you can easily get them for as low as $10, which is very affordable when compared with standard cigarettes.

  • Doesn't matter who created them but you can call them the future of smoking, these devices have changed the lives of many smokers, the results are amazing, i also moved to electronic cigarettes a few months back.

  • it is possible that chiness people invent e cigarette. whatever it is but it is very good for people to use electric cigarette

  • One common problem with E cigarette is during
    aspiration, a small electrical component is activated. This
    component causes the battery itself will cause the instantaneous
    heating of the atomizer.

  • I never knew the chinese invented e-cigs, nowadays these people are into every industry and creating tons of new stuff daily.

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