Mar 1 2007$2 million super boat blows Porsche out of the water


The XSR48 from XSMG Marine is a 48-foot boat that claims to be the world's fastest diesel production boat. It has a Kevlar and carbon-fibre monocoque hull (whatever that is) and twin diesel Isotta Fraschini engines which can reportedly push the XSR48 to speeds in excess of 100 mph. For reference, the highly publicized new Porsche designed boat only hits 80 mph. The XSR48 expected to sell for around $2 million and only 100 will be produced. But if that's out of your price range feel free to purchase the boat I'm building. It doesn't go quite as fast and doesn't actually "float" on water, but it looks a whole lot like a ham sandwich. Some might even say it is a ham sandwich.


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