Mar 30 2007 Rolling Bridge rolls right up


The Rolling Bridge is designed by Heatherwick Studio and is located in London. Instead of a regular bridge mechanism, the rolling bridge is made in eight steel and timber sections, and is made to curl by hydraulic rams set into the handrail between each section. Throw some legs on this thing and you've got the world's biggest rolly polly.


Mar 30 2007 Giant skeleton sculpture



This giant skeleton sculpture was created by Gino De Dominicis and is being displayed in the Palazzo Reale in Milan. And if they put some flesh on this thing, they might actually a get life-sized replica of my penis.


Mar 29 2007 Fish bowl in a deep fryer


This brilliant (but obviously insane) Japanese chef created the Water Fryer, which is a fish bowl at the bottom of his deep fryer. Because the oil and water don't mix, as long as the fish stay low they're okay. Plus the crumbs from the deep fryer drop to the bottom which the fish eat as food. The fish allegedly live for up to 10 years as long they stay away from the oil. Or 2 seconds, if they come within reach of my mouth.

Mar 29 2007 Rock-climbing wall isn't so rocky


Illoiha is a designer gym in Japan that has this Omotesando climbing wall which, instead of recreating the side of a mountain like most rock-climbing walls, recreates that of a regular indoor wall. In addition to the regular grips the wall also includes picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, bird cages, and flower vases. I hope somebody takes this to the next level and starts creating walls that look like stuff you'd really want to climb. Like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty or the tree outside your really hot neighbor's bedroom.

A few more shots after the jump.

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Mar 29 2007 Axe towel is deceptive


The always clever marketing people at Axe have come up with this towel which looks like you're getting cozy with the opposite sex. As if it wasn't difficult enough trying to resist making out with your bath towel. Damn you temptation!

One more variant of the towel after the jump.

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Mar 29 2007 Tool Silverware is silverware for men


Tool Silverware is a set of silverware with tools built into the back. Or tools with silverware built into the back. It's hard to tell which. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be both though. Even men wouldn't get excited about using a spoon covered in motor oil. Unless it was chocolate motor oil. Mmm...tasty!

Mar 29 2007 Give your outlets some personality


For $45 you can get one of these vinyl wall decals from Adrien Gardere that make your wall outlets look a little more interesting. Now you can finally live out your fantasies of plugging stuff into a cow's butt without all those pesky legal problems.

Mar 28 2007 Giant expensive egg helps you relax


If you're having a tough time meditating and have $12,000 to spend, check out the Transport, an egg-shaped fiberglass vessel outfitted with speakers and an array of light-emitting diodes. It's described as a "perceptual pod," which means it doesn't do anything you couldn't already do by lying down and closing your eyes. It looks pretty cool though. Like something you sit in while coming up with evil plans and stroking a cat.


Mar 28 2007 Luvaglio creates $1,000,000 laptop


Luvaglio has created a laptop that costs a little over $1,000,000. Full details haven't been released yet, but there's a 17" widescreen LED lit screen with a specially designed anti-reflective glare coating, 128GB of Solid-State Hard Drive space, a Blu-Ray drive, an integrated screen cleaning device, and a very rare colored diamond piece of jewelry that doubles as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. The CEO of Luvaglio says they didn't want to just take a laptop and cover it in diamonds, but actually create something original. Although the only way this thing is going to be worth one million dollars is if they somehow managed to attach a submarine and a nuclear missile to it.

Mar 27 2007 CrushPak is the future of yogurt


The CrushPak is a new yogurt container which uses 36% less plastic and let's you squeeze the yogurt into your mouth via, uh, crushing. Although I don't see how this is any better than Go-Gurt's squeeze tubes. I guess squeezing a little container is so much more mature than squeezing a tube.


Mar 27 2007 Rotating snowflake coffee table


Saljoe is a coffee table shaped like a snowflake that rotates so that the top interacts with the snowflake design below it. It also serves as a Lazy-Susan so that you can pass things around it. Unfortunately the design makes it very difficult to use, since there's only one portion of the table that's solid and the rest is a branched snowflake design. You'd have to balance everything and just hope the rotating action doesn't knock it over.

One more shot of the Saljoe after the jump.

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Mar 27 2007 New Transformers posters


I don't care what you think of the new robot designs, you have to admit that these new Transformers posters look ridiculously awesome. I've seen pornography that's less arousing. Lesbian pornography.


Mar 27 2007 Clever car safety ad


I'm not entirely sure where this is located, but it's a great car safety ad. It's also a great place to steal an oversized slingshot.


Mar 27 2007 Keepon is a dancing robot

Keepon is a robot project by Marek Michalowski of Carnegie Mellon to create a socially rhythmic robot that detects beats and dances to them. Sadly, this little dude dances better than I ever will in my entire life. Usually I just get on my back and spin like a Ninja Turtle. The ladies love it. And by love it I mean they point and laugh. And sometimes cry.

Mar 26 2007 Singapore builds floating towers


Far East Organization has commissioned the Office for Metropolitan Architecture to build this residential high-rise which stands at 153 meters tall. I'm all for clever architecture but this thing looks insane. I'm pretty sure they're breaking one or two laws of physics. Can you imagine living here? I'd spend the whole time hugging the floor praying I don't die.

Mar 26 2007 Pillow book brings back memories


For $102 you can get this pillow book, which is a, uh, pillow that looks like a book. Although that basically describes every book I had in college. And desk. And sometimes floor of a lecture hall.


Mar 26 2007 Making coffee with a laser

This crazy bastard decided to make his morning cup of coffee with a powerful laser. Now all he has to do is try shaving and maybe cleaning his ear wax with it and he'll officially be a mad scientist.

Mar 26 2007 Impossible fish tank



This is a fish tank at the Oita Marine Center that has open holes in the side where you can feed the fish. There's a vacuum holding the water in so that it doesn't pour out, but still allows the fish to swim out and be fed or pet. Or molested, if you're really really disgusting and into that sort of thing. And I know you are, pervert.

A few more shots of the fish tank after the jump.

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Mar 23 2007 Rocket Belt is within your reach


For $250,000 you can own your very own rocket belt and finally be able to live out that James Bond fantasy of yours. You know the one. Where you strap on a rocket pack and then end up in the hospital after flying straight into a building and blowing up.

Mar 23 2007 Buy an antique ray gun


Weta, the special effects group that worked on The Lord of the Rings, is selling anitque-styled sci-fi ray guns for $621. Sadly, they don't actually work and only 500 of each style will be made, although if they actually did work they'd probably cost around $50 million each. Which is slightly more than I have saved up. Slightly.

Mar 22 2007 Nintendo DS Cake



That's not a super gigantic, very poorly made Nintendo DS. Oh, no, my friends it is not. That is a cake. The edible kind.

A couple more pictures after the jump.

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Mar 22 2007 Gun operated alarm clock


Roger Ibars has designed a gun operated alarm clock that you have to keep shooting until it turns off. Right now it's just a hack made from a retro gaming light gun and a vintage digital clock radio, but I would buy this in a second if it became retail. You'd get the satisfaction of shooting your alarm clock with the wakey uppyness of having to aim and fire. And yes, "wakey uppyness" is a word. Can't find it in the dictionary? Maybe you should look it up in my fist!


Mar 22 2007 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels


Here's a list of unintentionally funny comic book panels. Although I suspect many of them were intentionally meant to look unintentional. How could you have the Joker talking about a "boner" for an entire paragraph and not realize it would be hilarious?

Mar 22 2007 Hold booze in your sandal


Lord knows why, but Reef has created a sandal which can hold your booze. The Dram Sandal costs $45 and the heel of it holds up to three ounces of your favorite liquid. Can you imagine using this thing? People would see you pouring liquid out of your shoe and then drinking it. And even if they knew, you'd still be pouring liquid out of your shoe and then drinking it.

EDIT: Holy crap, I spelled "pouring" "pooring". I never was very gude with the wurds.


Mar 22 2007 Red Cross tries creative advertising



This is some clever advertising being used by the Red Cross. You won't get the full effect unless you're standing at a very specific spot, but by golly if you're in that spot prepare to be blown away. By me. Because that's where I store my dynamite.

A couple more pictures after the jump.

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Mar 21 2007 Interactive mirror for robot women


Designer Nanette Lepore has begun testing interactive mirrors in her department at Bloomingdale's in New York. The mirrors are high-resolution digital screens that project digital outfits for potential buyers. The resulting image is then forwarded to a webpage where friends or the public can view and rate the outfit. It's a good effort to ride the social networking wave, but it's absolutely going to fail. Shopping with girlfriends is a social experience that can't be replaced with a computer. Plus I already invented an interactive mirror. You punch it when you're angry and then your fist bleeds. It's genius.


Mar 21 2007 Polished steel rock table


Designer Arik Levy has created this polished steel rock table, which is exactly what it sounds like. And I bet using it feels like you're in the Stone Age and the future at the same time. Which is perfect, because I've always wished I was a time traveling caveman.


Mar 21 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spotted in New York


People dressed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfits were seen walking across the upper level of the George Washington Bridge in New York yesterday morning, most likely a publicity stunt for the new TMNT movie opening Friday. Either that or they're real. Just like I knew deep down in my heart that they were! People used to laugh at me for drinking toxic waste but who's laughing now?!


Mar 21 2007 Nintendo Mario Kart DS Track Race Set


The video game seems so much more fun, but if you're really into Mario Kart you can get this Mario Kart DS Race Track. It looks pretty neat, but only has two vehicles (Mario and Yoshi) and the track looks super duper basic. It's only $29.99 though, so set it up in your apartment and say goodbye to sex forever.

Mar 21 2007 Semi-automatic banana peeler sort of works


I don't speak German so I really have no idea what's going on in this video, but it's allegedly of a semi-automatic banana peeler. The video doesn't actually show any peeling but I'm assuming it works? Why am I assuming this? Because the video would be too stupid to comprehend if it didn't. And in case you're wondering, yes, a semi-automatic banana peeler is 100% necessary.

Mar 20 2007 Chrome Wii case is really shiny


XCMLive is selling a chrome replacement shell for the Wii called the Chrome I-Case for $37.00. It apparently just snaps on, and looks like it cost $2,000 so that's cool. Plus if you ever lose your mirror it's nice to know you've got a really really shiny Wii lying around.

One more shot after the jump.

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Mar 20 2007 The ultimate lay-z-boy


The Wave Chaise is a multifunctional chaise longue concept designed by Roberta Ramme and incorporates everything a person would ever want in the comfort of a chaise longue. It has a built in TV, DVD player, CD player, phone, study, internet, etc. The only thing I see missing is a giant bowl of spaghetti and a built-in toilet.


Mar 20 2007 Adopt a giant stuffed squid


If you've got a ton of spare cash lying around you can visit Adopt A Squid and adopt a giant stuffed squid. $399 will get you the 7' one (above), but if you're serious about your adoption of fake giant squids you can spend a whopping $1800 on Anthony, who comes in at 15' (below).


See that black and white peeking out the bottom? That's a person. A human person. Not sure what you'd do with something like this but I bet it'd be awesome.

Mar 20 2007 Best unedited fight sequence ever

This is a fight sequence from the movie The Protector featuring Tony Jaa (of Ong Bak fame). It was shot using a stedicam and lasts almost 4 minutes with no cuts and no edits. Plus I'm pretty sure two or three guys actually died while filming this because they were either thrown through a door or off the balcony. And, yeah, it's perfectly okay if watching this gives you a boner.

Mar 20 2007 Search with Kevin Federline


For some reason that doesn't make any sense at all, Kevin Federline has launched his own search engine called Search With Kevin. Apparently he felt Google just wasn't doing it well enough and thought he'd throw his hat into the ring. The page offers prizes everytime you search like going to Kevin's birthday party. Although that's sort of like offering a kick to the balls as an incentive. I don't know what sort of talents Kevin Federline has, but I'm pretty sure they don't involve writing search algorithms. Or rapping. Or, well, doing anything more involved than asking people if they want ketchup with their fries.

Mar 19 2007 Maserati covered with 1,763 lbs of shattered glass



This is a Maserati Quattroporte covered with 1,763 lbs of shattered glass. It was put together by Italian artist Luca Pancrazzi and is currently outside the Moscow Museum of Modern Art welcoming guests to the second Moscow Art Biennale that runs through April 1st. If this was a Ferrari or Lamborghini I'd probably be on the floor right now, cursing the heavens and crying like a little baby.

One more picture after the jump.

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Mar 19 2007 Aurora uses light as jewelry




Aurora is designed by Kyeok Kim and creates a pattern of light on the body as decoration. The light is controlled by rotating a ring (which contains a magnet) towards the main jewelry piece. This is a beautifully executed concept. At least better than my version, which was taping a flashlight to my face.


Mar 19 2007 Tell time using small orbiting planets



This planetary orbit clock uses rotating planets to tell the time. Each ring represents an hour, minute, etc, and the only way to tell the time is from looking at it from directly above. It costs $35 and looks really cool, but I'm pretty sure I'd never ever be able to actually figure out what time it was.

More pictures and confusing diagrams after the jump.

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Mar 19 2007 Digital hour glass watch


The Sand+Time watch is a digital watch that would combine a regular digital watch with the classic egg timer hour glass in digital form. It's just a concept, but I like the idea of combining old and new technologies. Which is why I glued my computer to my guitar. Ahh, inventing at its finest.


Mar 16 2007 Chair built right into the table



Cling is a table with the chair built right into it. So they stay together and you can easily transport both at the same time. It's a neat idea and looks pretty cool, but what happens when you're trying to eat dinner and realize you can't because there's a giant chair-sized hole in your table.

Mar 16 2007 Walking robot walks for you


I've dreamed of the day I never have to stand up ever again and that dream is slowly becoming a reality. The HUBO-FX1 is a robot designed to walk passengers around up to 220 lbs. It's controlled via an attached joystick and can go forward, backward, and sideways. Plus how awesome would it be to walk down the sidewalk in a giant robot when all your friends are using their puny little human feet. It would be glorious!

Mar 16 2007 Absolut Hacker


Is this a real Absolut ad? I've never seen it before but it's brilliant. Almost as brilliant as me, except I bet it never built a working nuclear reactor in its basement.

Mar 16 2007 Legend of Zelda Wii case mod


Sweetest Wii case mod I've ever seen? Almost. I modded my Wii last week to look like a Ferrari. Oh, wait, that wasn't a mod. That was my actual car. I'm filthy rich!

One more shot of the Wii mod after the jump.

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Mar 16 2007 Sand Castle Explosions backwards

If you thought blowing up a sand castle and then playing the video back in reverse and slow motion would be awesome, you were 100% absolutely correct.

One more video after the jump.

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Mar 15 2007 Skull made with shadow and tape


Pretty cool what you can do with a shadow and some masking tape. Personally, I could build a functional aircraft carrier out of them. I'm like MacGuyver, but with more skillz. And I used a 'z' so you know I mean business.


Mar 15 2007 Foot powered roller coaster



Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a pedal-powered roller coaster. The Skycycle at Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama has side-by-side tandem pedal-powered carts with seat belts, which sounds pretty scary considering the course. If you got on that thing with Lance Armstrong you'd be peeing your pants all over the place. Sort of like how I'm doing now. Walking to the bathroom is for suckers.

More pictures after the jump.

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Mar 15 2007 Aptera gets 200 mpg, maybe from the future


The Aptera prototype was unveiled at TED this past weekend in Monterey and is a ultra-high-mileage supervehicle from Accelerated Composites (aka Aptera Motors) that was built to be as aerodynamic as possible. Combined with a super-efficient diesel hybrid engine and a carbon fiber fabrication process, the Aptera gets 200 mpg and costs around $20,000. And yeah, the mileage is pretty good but can you really imagine driving around town in this thing? Everytime it goes past 45mph I'd be afraid it'd start time traveling or blast off into space.

More pictures after the jump.

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Mar 14 2007 Build a motorcycle out of your hard drive



If you've got a spare hard drive laying around, why not turn it into a motorcycle? Who knew the thing that used to hold my MP3's, movies, porn Word documents could look so beautiful? Me, that's who. I know everything!

Mar 14 2007 Wire frame Subaru Impreza



This isn't a computer generated outline, it's a real 1:1 wire frame sculpture of a Subaru Impreza and is the work of British artist Benedict Radcliffe. The sculpture was part of a show at the Paul Smith Gallery last month and even received a few parking tickets over the course of a few days while parked outside the gallery. It's too bad he didn't base the sculpture on my car. I've always wondered what a bed on wheels would look like in wire frame.

Mar 14 2007 Stardust hotel implosion

The legendary Stardust hotel in Las Vegas was blowed up real good yesterday.

Mar 14 2007 Google Maps has a super zoom


Google Maps apparently has a super zoom function for certain locations. Some of them are additional images inserted for partners like National Geographic, but others are actual satelilite photos of random locations. To access the super zoom function just do this:

1. Select a location and switch to satellite view
2. Zoom in as far as you can, and click “link to this page” at the top right
3. Replace the "z" parameter in the URL with a higher value like 20, 22, or 23

It's actually kind of scary to think about. The original zoom levels were okay, but this is to the point where privacy is actually an issue. That guy looks like he's actually staring at the camera. How can I do my daily nude cartwheels knowing Google might be watching me from space?


Mar 13 2007 McDonald's serves raw chicken



These guys were served a raw Premium Chicken Sandwich at a New Hampshire McDonald's. Which is pretty bad, but one time at McDonald's I was served a live chicken. They brought it out, stuck two buns on it, and said "Eat up." I mean it was delicious, but thinking back that probably wasn't appropriate at all.

Mar 13 2007 Robot dinosaur roams the earth

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan has created some incredible robot/animatronic dinosaurs that can actually walk around. And in case you're wondering, yes, it is perfectly normal if this video gave you a boner.

Mar 13 2007 Water bottle safe uses actual water


This water bottle safe has a secret compartment for your money, but also uses actual liquid to fool possible thieves. The only problem is that it's named "Arioso" water. Ever heard of "Arioso" brand water? Yeah, neither has anybody else in the world. Unless your thief can't read or is visiting from a hidden village in the Congo, odds are this isn't gonna fool anybody.

Mar 13 2007 Computer fan displays its own name



The ThermalTake iFlash is a computer fan that displays the temperature of the case as well as its brand name. Pointless? Kind of. The temperature info is useful, but imagine seeing "ThermalTake" constantly flashing from your computer. It'd be neat if you could program your own messages, but this is like your iPod yelling "Apple" every three minutes.

Mar 12 2007 Jump Snap lets you jump rope without rope


The Jump Snap is a jump rope without the rope. So basically it's the most useless invention ever. It's supposed to let people jump rope even if they don't have the coordination or fitness level required to do so, but that completely eliminates the point of jump rope. Anybody can stand around and jump, it's the rope that trains coordination. They might as well be trying to market two sticks and an instruction manual. Which, sadly, most lazy people would probably buy.


Mar 12 2007 Giant NES controller perfect for giants



This guy was asked to build a giant NES controller for a game store window display. It looks pretty awesome, but unfortunately doesn't actually work. Which is bad news for my friend Steve. His hands are the size of bathtubs.

A couple more pictures of the giant NES controller after the jump.

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Mar 12 2007 Human slinky boggles the mind

Ever seen a human slinky before? You have now. And I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.

Mar 9 2007 Swarovski Studded Refrigerator



Gorenje has put together this Swarovski crystal studded refrigerator in black or aluminum. Because really, who doesn't need their fridge covered in Swarovski crystals? Anything less would be an insult to your week-old pizza. And besides, what else are you gonna spend that money on? Bills? Food? You might as well be flushing it down the toilet!

Some more shots of the fridge after the jump.

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Mar 9 2007 USPS introduces R2-D2 mailboxes


To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars the United States Postal Service will be introducing custom mailboxes wrapped in R2-D2 graphics. Although I don't know what they're gonna do with them, since the second they're actually put on the street they'd just get stolen. And probably by some nerd too. Stupid nerds!

More shots of the R2-D2 mailboxes after the jump.

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Mar 9 2007 Time lapse digital painting of Thom Yorke

This is a time lapse digital painting done in Photoshop of Thom Yorke from Radiohead. The actual drawing took four hours to complete, but you can see the whole thing done here in 7 minutes. And if you fast forward it you might even be able to get it down to 30 seconds. Which, coincidentally, is the time it takes for me to defeat a pack of ninjas in hand to hand combat.

Mar 8 2007 Watch made out of 1,851 diamonds


This Nixon Diamond Rotolog watch has 764 full cut white diamonds and 1,087 full cut black diamonds for a total of 1,851 diamonds and a total ct count of 9.25. There doesn't seem to be a price listed, but I'm guessing it'll be about a bajillion dollars. Give or take after tax and shipping.

Mar 8 2007 Banclock alarm forces you to save


Banclock is a cubic alarm clock from Japan that has no off switch or snooze button. The only way you can turn it off is by feeding it some coins every morning. It was designed to force you to save a little money every day, but it's constant beeping would only remind me of how poor I am. Every morning when I couldn't find any change to give it I'd just lie in bed crying, listening to the beeping of my own failure.

Mar 8 2007 Extreme office ad

You know how I make my office more efficient? Cake. All the time. Wait, did I say efficient? I mean delicious.

Mar 7 2007 Microsoft has its own sodas


The lobby of Microsoft's conference center apparently has free Microsoft sodas. I tried selling my own personal sodas once, but turns out urine flavor isn't as popular as you'd think. Even if it's made out of real urine. Go figure.

Mar 7 2007 Real life speech bubbles


MoMA has a new exhibition called Comic Abstraction, and this installation was put together by Philippe Parreno back in 1997 of mylar balloon speech bubbles. It's an interesting look at what speech bubbles might look like in real life. Although if somebody had something really long to say they could just grab onto their bubble and ride it to the moon.

Mar 7 2007 Get a miniature vending machine for your desk


For $160 you can get your own 12 can vending machine. It carries 3 cans per row, and even has a selector button to dispense the drink of choice. Although why stop at drinks? If you feel like it you could stuff animals in there and create the very first pet vending machine. Madness? Or genius!

Mar 7 2007 How not to exit a parking garage

This really smart guy tried to open the gate to his parking garage while his car was still in drive. Which is every bit as intelligent as it sounds.

Mar 7 2007 Zenum Organum makes iPod look like poo


The Zenum Organum is a music player in development that has a 1.8" color display and can hold 2GB of music and pictures. There aren't any visible controls, although it's ridiculously sleek looking and actually makes the iPod look dull. It's like they traveled into the future and stole an iPod from the year 2064.

Mar 6 2007 Mugen watch uses spirals to tell time


Mugen (meaning "infinity" in Japanese) is a watch developed by Futara Studio that uses a series of spiraling blocks to tell the time. The outer segment has 60 segments for minutes and the inner segment is blocked off for hours. It looks cool, but I really don't understand why people keep making watches that are harder and harder to read. Eventually the face is just gonna be a giant block of wood and the user is gonna have to look at the sky and guess the time.

Mar 6 2007 Britney Spears is REAL Ultimate Power


Britney Spears can kill anyone she wants! Britney Spears cuts off heads ALL the time and doesn't even think twice about it. This chick is so crazy and awesome that she flips out ALL the time. I heard that once Britney Spears was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon Britney Spears killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw Britney Spears totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.

And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't believe that Britney Spears has REAL Ultimate Power you better get a life right now or she will chop your head off!!! It's an easy choice, if you ask me.

Britney Spears is sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants. I can't believe it sometimes, but I feel it inside my heart. This girl is totally awesome and that's a fact. Britney Spears is fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet. I can't wait to start yoga next year. I love Britney Spears with all of my body (including my pee pee).

Read more about Britney Spears here. Oh, and I heard ninjas are pretty sweet too!


Mar 6 2007 Best anti-anti-piracy advert ever


If you're not stealing your movies, maybe you should be.

Mar 6 2007 Formula 1 mousepad is super luxurious


I don't know who would need this, but this Forumla 1 hand-made mouse pad is made by specialist composite technicians who make Formula One monocoques and was designed using automotive 3D modeling software. The thing is made of solid polished carbon fibre with an inlaid leather mouse area, and has an Italian black suede backing. Although at $500 you'd probably also expect it to also come with a mouse made out of diamonds and caviar.

Mar 6 2007 Wooden iPod case exactly what it sounds like


Toy company Asuka Kobo has created an iPod case out of wood. Which looks pretty neat, I guess, but completely goes against the clean sleek look of the iPod. People buy iPods to be hip, not to look like an old grandpa. They might as well include some dentures and an etching of Abraham Lincoln.

Mar 6 2007 Doormat changes message if you're entering or leaving


This clever doormat either says 'come in' or 'go away' depending on which direction it's facing. So when people walk in they're greeted with 'come in' and when they walk out they're asked to 'go away.' Or you could just paint over the whole thing with 'leave money' like I did. It's been three months and I've already got 35 cents. I never have to work again!

Mar 6 2007 Sink built into toilet saves water, grosses out


The Sinkpositive Sink is a sink built into the toilet tank lid so that after you flush, the sink starts running with water that would normally go straight into the tank. This way you waste less water and don't have to worry about walking over to a sink and turning a faucet on. Although washing your hands in your toilet just feels wrong. I don't care how clean it is, you might as well be asking me to eat my breakfast on a pile of feces.

Mar 6 2007 'One' bike folds up, boggles brain


'One' is a concept bike developed by Thomas Jowen that folds up into a light and compact case that can easily be carried or stored. Even more interesting though, is its idea of a power assist system to let the user cruise around with ease. There's not much said about it suggesting they haven't developed yet, but I've got my fingers crossed they're gonna go with having hamsters running in the wheels.

One more shot of the 'One' bike after the jump.

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Mar 5 2007 Seagull gets hit by Evo going 180mph


These two guys were going 180mph in a Mitsubishi Evo and ended up hitting a seagull. It's exactly what you're imagining, so if the idea of hitting a bird at that speed disturbs you don't watch the video.

One more clip after the jump, showing the speedometer maxed out right before impact.

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Mar 5 2007 Free-space display is TV of the future


The company that created the M2 Heliodisplay mid-air projector has just released their new M3/M3i Heliodisplay which is basically a monitor that displays images in real space like a hologram. The new display has a 30-inch viewable free-space image and a resolution of 1024x768, and costs $18,100 for the basic version and $19,400 for the interactive version.

The display isn't very stable and still has pretty poor image quality, but once they perfect this, watching porn documentaries is never going to be the same. A video of the display in action after the jump.

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Mar 5 2007 Society isn't ready for potato chips this awesome


I'm not gonna lie to you, these might be the greatest potato chips ever created. The fact they're not around anymore is a mystery that may never be solved.

Mar 5 2007 Pronto condom applicator wins design award


A condom applicator designed to help AIDS prevention has been named the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey. And me? Well I've been named the Most Beautiful Object in my apartment by my girlfriend. Well, after the TV anyways.

Mar 5 2007 Prison escape goes wrong


Three prisoners attempted to escape but ended up caught in the razor-wire and had to hang around until authorities could get them down. So not exactly criminal masterminds here.


Mar 2 2007 X-Ray of a kiss


Ever wondered what your bones look like when you kiss? Of course you have.You wouldn't be a mentally disturbed crazy person if you didn't.

Mar 2 2007 Robot pours tea, washes dishes


Professors at Tokyo University have developed a robot that can help out around the house. It's movements are jerky and not very fast, but this robot can pour a cup of tea and even wash the cup afterwards. Because really, if you're gonna invest four years of your life into a robot, your primary goal should be getting it to do the least exciting things possible. Why not build a robot that sits in a chair and reads a book?

Check out video of the robot in action here.


Mar 1 2007 Digital clock tells time with one number


The Single Digit Clock Kit consists of a single 7-segment LED which displays the time as a sequence of numbers. The kit costs $21.95 and needs some assembly, but when complete it basically leaves you with a confusing block of a changing number. It's a neat idea, but if you get out of order or skip a number you might miss your meeting at noon because you think it's 13 o'clock.

Mar 1 2007 Optical finger mouse fits on your finger


Logisys has developed an 800 dpi optical finger mouse which works on any media except reflective glass surfaces. You strap it onto your index finger and move the cursor by swinging your finger around using the thumb to control the left button, right button, and scroll wheel. It sounds like a good idea, but there are a few problems. First of all, how are you supposed to type with it on? Second of all, look at it. It's huge. Not everybody competed in the finger Olympics and can lift a car using their pinky. I mean I can, but I can also rip a telephone book in half and bend a wrench into a pretzel.

Mar 1 2007 $2 million super boat blows Porsche out of the water


The XSR48 from XSMG Marine is a 48-foot boat that claims to be the world's fastest diesel production boat. It has a Kevlar and carbon-fibre monocoque hull (whatever that is) and twin diesel Isotta Fraschini engines which can reportedly push the XSR48 to speeds in excess of 100 mph. For reference, the highly publicized new Porsche designed boat only hits 80 mph. The XSR48 expected to sell for around $2 million and only 100 will be produced. But if that's out of your price range feel free to purchase the boat I'm building. It doesn't go quite as fast and doesn't actually "float" on water, but it looks a whole lot like a ham sandwich. Some might even say it is a ham sandwich.


Mar 1 2007 Inflatable bar glows in the dark


The Bubble Double-bar is an inflatable and illuminated double-bar which is easy to transport and install. Perfect if you need an impromptu bar or if you just prefer all your furniture to be inflatable. And who doesn't? If the Bouncy Toilet 2000 has taught me anything it's that inflatable furniture is the wave of the future.

Mar 1 2007 Buffalo introduces mouse with directional pad


Buffalo has created an optical mouse with an attached directional pad instead of a scroll wheel. Everything else is pretty basic, but at 3,320 Yen (about $28) you can't afford not to get one. Besides, I've been looking for a new way to navigate Word documents like a game of Mario Kart. Gluing a steering wheel to my monitor just isn't cutting it anymore.


Mar 1 2007 NES case mod turns it into upright PS2


The NEStation is an original NES modded to look like an upright PS2. And I hope I never meet the mad genius that put it together, because I think my face would melt in the presence of his awesomeness. The best mod I could come up for my NES was sticking it inside a roasted turkey. It didn't look so great, but it sure tasted delicious.

A few more shots of the NEStation after the jump.

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