Feb 20 2007Musical Chair has built in subwoofer


This musical chair designed by Jacob Mathew has a calcium carbonate poly-coned woofer seated in the belly of the chair. It's hard to tell if it's actually functional and the site doesn't say if it is or not, but it looks cool. And I'm really hoping it is, because I've always wanted to eat dinner while bumping up and down to the hip hop stylings of Celine Dion.

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Reader Comments

Hey, me too!

That would be my sex chair. But only if it worked.

If I had that chair, I'd become a hermit, and I'd probably develop some sort of shaking-induced brain damage like abused babies do. Also, I'd be malnourished from replacing food with chair-sex.
But damn would I be happy.

i think just putting a weird plastic airtight seal on a sub makes it more likely to shake the whole chair than to get really legit acoustic response. this chair is for vibrating privates.

oh here cem th blartz

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