ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball is hardest puzzle ever

November 10, 2006

isis-puzzle.jpgThe creators of the ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball claim it's the most difficult puzzle ever created, and have even decided to reward cash prizes to whoever can figure it out. The players have to open an alloy ball which is constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics, with each one being unique and requiring a different combination to open. Once open there'll be a special key inside which has a number stamped on it. The key will open one of the ISIS golden pyramids which are hidden in secret locations throughout the UK, with each pyramid containing a gold coin worth over $500 and a number of silver coins worth over $20 each.

I don't see how this is a puzzle. It seems like basically you try every combination of twists and turns until it opens. It's like opening a safe. That's not a puzzle. It's just...stupid.

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