China develops self driving car

September 13, 2006


China has put together a car that can supposedly drive itself, which was unveiled at the Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo. FAW tested the sedan at speeds of up to 37 mph but said the car can actually reach a top speed of 93 mph, which is about 93 mph faster than I'd like to go in a driverless car.

According to the newspaper, the specially equipped HQ3, which monitors the road via two onboard cameras and receives its instructions from a computer, "has a strong ability to recognize the environment around it and tackle turnoffs [and] street crossings, as well as broken lines instantly. It's also able to adapt to changes of driving attitude and natural lighting, as well as shadows of trees and bridges."

In case you didn't understand all that let me translate: it will crash into the first thing it sees. And at speeds up to 93 mph!

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