Flattua is a floating bed

The Flattua bed is supported by a single beam attached to the wall, creating a neat effect that looks like your bed is floating on air. My...
September 14, 2006

Stay-Cold Polar Pitcher keeps drings cold

Why water your drinks down with ice when you can keep them stored in a separate container? The pitcher is designed for beer but can hold whatever...
September 14, 2006

The new iPod nano gets an ad

If Apple and Gap teamed up they could create an advertisement so hip the Universe would actually implode.
September 13, 2006

China develops self driving car

China has put together a car that can supposedly drive itself, which was unveiled at the Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo. FAW tested the sedan at...
September 13, 2006

Murata Boy - the Robot that can ride bicycles

Murata Boy is a robot capable of riding bicycles unassisted. It can balance, pedal, and direct the bicycle, even turning to avoid obstacles. Which begs the question:...
September 13, 2006

Inflatable iceberg is so sweet

There won't be any room leftover to swim, but who wants to swim when you've got a giant ass inflatable iceberg in your pool. I mean damn,...
September 12, 2006

Ant's life studio is virtual ant farm

Bandai is set to release an electronic ant farm, proving once and for all that the entire world is officially ridiculous. The thing costs $69 and is...
September 11, 2006

Rotating chimney oven

There's no reason you would need your chimney oven to rotate, but by golly if you wouldn't want it to. Having things rotate is a gauranteed way...
September 11, 2006