XYZ Imaging develops full color holographic posters

August 16, 2006

hologram-poster.jpgXYZ Imaging Inc. is the world's first holographic printing bureau capable of creating production ready multi-resolution, full color, reflective holograms from pure digital media. This technology uses patented holographic technology developed over a 6 year timeframe at a cost of nearly $ 23 Million US dollars. Combined with a revolutionary emulsion that is more than 300 times finer than ISO 300 film on a super wide format that measures over 1 m wide, allowing for the production of never-before-seen large format holographic prints with a single sheet size of: 1m wide x 1.2m long or longer (based on the length of the film roll).

Basically all you need to understand are this and this. Coolest posters ever? Coolest posters ever!

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