Avdeco Plasma TV stand explodes

August 22, 2006

Avdeco-1-%28Small%29.jpg Avdeco-3-%28Small%29.jpg

This is a warning about the Avdeco line of plasma and TV stands.

Last fall I purchased an Avedeco HR420 TV stand for my bedroom. This stand runs about $1000, so it is definately not cheap. One of the reasons I chose this stand was that the top shelf had a "stated" capacity of 250lbs. Since I was putting my Panasonic 50PX500U Plasma on it, I wanted to make sure it was solid. Since the Panny was only 114lbs, I figured I had plenty of support for it.

All was fine for many months, and then, just last month, I happened to be sitting in the next room, when I heard a tremendous crash. I thought that a plane had hit my house, and I ran into my bedroom to see what happened.

The top shelf of the Avdeco stand EXPLODED sending shards of glass to every corner of my bedroom. Fortunately for me, I wasn't sleeping at the time, or I would have been hit by flying glass.

Amazingly, my plasma tv, fell straight down, and was resting precariously on the next two shelves. I quickly called my wife in to help me lift it off and to the ground. It is really a miracle that the plasma didn't fall over on its face.

And that, my friends, is why my TV stand of choice is a giant pile of bricks. It's sturdy and classy.

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