Turnover E-reader simulates a book

June 26, 2006


Timothy Yeow has designed what looks to be the best looking e-reader yet. The turnover e-reader works in the traditional aspects of turning the page and folding the corner in its flexible display. The screen that is rotated to the back refreshes the next page during the turning action, thereby stimulating a whole book or magazine with only two pages.

According to designer Timothy Yeoh, "Turnover is two pages with infinite possibilities - you can lose yourself in any number of worlds." Touch the on button for a few seconds to bring up the book select menu and use the scroll wheel to select the book or quickly skip to the desired page. Touchscreen capability lets you bend the corner to toggle bookmarks on or off, with a bookmark symbol on the page for easy reference when scrolling through.

It'll be interesting to see if they can adapt this for commercial use and test the market. The biggest problem with digital books is the ability to put it in a familiar format, and this does exactly that. One more shot after the jump.


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