New Batteries Charge Quicker, Last Longer

June 9, 2006

new_battery.jpgResearchers at MIT are developing a new type of battery that uses electrodes covered in millions of tiny nanotube filaments, creating a battery that can be charged in a matter of seconds rather than hours. Regular batteries use chemical reactions to produce energy, which is a convenient way to produce energy, but it wears away at the battery's capacity over time. The design of the new batteries prevents this problem, creating batteries that could possibly be recharged hundreds of thousands of times. This could cut down on waste from discarded batteries and reduce the need to have removable batteries in standard electronics. Without all the trash from discarded batteries, how will our nation's landfill owners and subway custodians make their money? I'm all for new technology, but will a better and cleaner tomorrow support dozens of illegitimate children? I doubt it.


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