NASA Employs Star Wars Droids

June 1, 2006

testing_med.jpgStar Wars enthusiasts are bound to enter a nerd frenzy today as NASA announced the deployment of a floating droid to the International Space Station. The robot is based on a floating battle droid from the first Star Wars movie, and it was developed by the Department of Defense, MIT, and NSA. The robot is the first droid of three that NASA plans to send the ISS, with hopes that the three will learn how to fly in formation as they navigate the corridors of the space station. If the robots succeed, they will lay the foundation for clusters of tiny satellites that work together to replace the larger, unwieldier satellites of the past. NASA has also mentioned that if these droids are successful, they plan to release a set of remastered droids, followed by special edition droids, followed by droids that are supposed to predate these droids, followed by a release of the original droids again for true fans, resulting in widespread confusion and massive box office earnings.

Read on for a close-up picture of the droid...



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