Korean Unmanned Vehicle and Robot Dog Soldier Plans

June 7, 2006

korean_xav.jpgThe Korean Agency for Defense Development has announced an update to their fleet of unmanned vehicles and future robot soldier plans. The XAV models that they first released last year have been updated to achieve higher speeds (up to 45 kilometers an hour) and equipped with 5.56-millimeter machine guns. The vehicles will function in both surveillance and front line missions and are part of a military robot project to reduce human losses at war. The agency also announced that they are developing "dog-like robot soldiers," called "gyeonma," that will eventually replace human soldiers. The robots are equipped with eight legs and are scheduled for borderline guard duties by 2012. Wait, how can a robot be "dog-like" and have eight legs? Do all dogs in Korea have eight legs? Do they also shoot webs? Are these dogs actually giant spiders? If so, why not just get them to patrol the borders? Nothing is more frightening to smugglers and illegal immigrants than giant army spiders.


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