Korea Telecom's 2007 Robot Lineup

June 5, 2006

kt_robots.jpgAt the Smart Home Network Show 2006, Korea Telecom presented four robot helpers that are slated to take the place of their less electronic human counterparts in the near future. Of the robots presented, three are for home use (the Roboid/Cubo, the Nettoro, and the previously-mentioned Jupiter) and one is for public use (pictured). The Jupiter model has the most functions of the three home robots, including facial recognition and the ability to connect with external devices, but it is also the most expensive. The Nettoro is a low-end home robot helper, featuring cleaning abilities and the ability to deliver news, traffic, and weather from its face screen. The Roboid is the smallest of the three, it has no color screen, and it does not appear to do much. Unfortunately, the article does not have any information on the pictured robot, but I can tell you that the robot does have arms. I know that for sure. You could assume that this model is just a tour guide for public places, but I know better. It's obviously Korea Telecom's attempt to create an unbeatable arm wrestling robot. I just hope to God that Sylvester Stallone has been practicing.


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