Inflatable Space Hotel Prototype Delayed

June 7, 2006

bigelow_inflatable.jpgBigelow Aerospace is attempting to create the premiere destination for space tourism with an inflatable space hotel that will be hopefully be placed in low-Earth orbit. The hotel is based off of an abandoned NASA design for an inflatable space station, and it is expected to provide 330 cubic meters of living space for its guests. In preparation for the actual launch of the hotel, the company has scheduled the launching of three smaller, prototype inflatable spacecrafts that will ensure that the hotel will function properly in microgravity. Unfortunately, the launch of the first inflatable prototype has been delayed by the Russian spaceport that's scheduled to launch it. We will have to wait a month to see if these mysterious delays continue. When they finally do get things in order, I just hope that the company askes its guests to take off their shoes before the the enter the hotel, because much like a moon bounce at a child's birthday party, no one will want to go in if an unidentified adult male has already accidentally torn a hole in it. Also, it's important not to hit a clown with a beer bottle; he's just trying entertain the kids and earn a few dollars. I guess that advice doesn't really apply to this situation. Although, if it were a space clown, it definitely would.


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