DARPA's Scent-Based Identification Technology

June 5, 2006

scent.jpgIt's been a week and a half since we got word of the last whacky DARPA project, and I was beginning to get a little worried. It seems that DARPA is funding a "Unique Signature Detection Program" that will identify terrorists based on scents they secrete in their "sweat, tears, urine, and other bodily fluids." This program is based off of animals that use scent to identify one another and a previous project by the USDA that employed wasps to sniff out narcotics, explosives, and corpses. The technology is far from implementation; researchers aren't quite sure that unique smells exist for each person, and they aren't sure if simple things like shampoo selection would change that smell. I guess if you want to be safe, you should probably stop showering now and, if possible, start rolling around in your next-door neighbor's clothes. If they ask questions, just tell them that DARPA is finally funding your clothes-swimming technology project.


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