3D Display Technology Revealed, Hypnotizes Elderly

June 8, 2006

3d_monitor.jpgThe Society for Information Display conference is currently taking place in San Francisco. The conference showcases the latest display technology that is just starting to surface in companies and laboratories worldwide. Among the crop of new display technologies are the various new breeds of 3D technology that companies are hoping will take off. Unfortunately, all of the 3D technology requires the viewer to stand a certain distance and keep the monitor in a particular position for the 3D effect to work. Examples include Toshiba's prototype 3D display that requires the viewer to watch from an obtrusive 30-degree angle and Philips' 3D LCD monitor that forces the viewer to remain exactly four meters away. So, if you're anxious to get the full 3D Howie Mandel experience (and who isn't?), you should probably focus your efforts on sneaking into Deal or No Deal; true 3D technology is still years away.


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