Urine-Powered Battery

May 5, 2006

urine_battery.jpg Singaporean researchers have developed a credit card-sized battery that is powered by urine. Made of copper chloride paper sandwiched between strips of copper and magnesium, that battery only requires a simple drop of urine to create a chemical reaction that produces the charge. The battery can generate power equivalent to that of one AA battery, and it's targeted to become a power source for electronic urine testers or as an emergency power source for mobile phones. Although the potential is large, in its current condition it should only be able to power a "digital watch" or "calculator." That's what "physicists" say. I say that it won't be long before you're powering your television with these batteries, so you might as well start preparing now. Take a cue from that coworker who lives in his car and start making the most of your empty Ziploc bags.


  • Justin

    This is AMAZING!

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