Ubisense Employee Tracker

May 31, 2006

telescreen.jpgUbisense is a British company that has developed a system for tracking the exact location of people in an office and relaying their coordinates to the computer screens of the employees. The system uses RFID tags to track humans to within 12 inches of their locations and display the data instantaneously on a three dimensional map that can be accessed from any computer in the building. The company proposes that this tracking system can be combined with a video camera network to automatically zoom and record the location of selected individuals. The article claims that this is the equivalent of the telescreens in George Orwell's 1984, but that's not true. This is just way for our bosses make sure we're safe all the time. If you spend 15 minutes at the office vending machine or coffee maker, you're obviously in dire need of medical assistance. Do you know how many deaths result from vending machine-related explosions each year? Millions. That's a fact.


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