Toronto Subway Electronic Vandalism

May 3, 2006

toronto_subway.jpg LED Signs on Toronto's subway cars were flashing messages implying that Canada's prime minister "eats babies." The electronic advertising system, which usually displays transit updates and advertisements, started flashing the phrase "Stephen Harper Eats Babies" every three seconds late last week. The transit commuter system was forced to shut down the screens on Monday in order to repair the problem. Stephanie Sorensen, spokesperson for the transit system, announced that they "assume" it was the work of a hacker, and it "appears" to be a case of electronic vandalism. She followed that announcement by saying "We'll probably never find out who did this, and we should probably stop looking. Also, we'll never figure out who spray painted 'Stephanie hates Harper' all over the train cars, so let's all just move on with our lives."


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