StrideLite Flashing Jackets

May 18, 2006

stridelite.jpg Bright Night is a company that provides specially-designed "electroluminescent" jackets for nighttime runners and bicyclists. In addition to the standard reflective fabric common to cycling and running clothes, their jackets incorporate flexible strobe lights that can be visible from up to a quarter mile away. The jacket lighting system is constructed from blue electroluminescent lamps that can be powered for over 300 hours using two AAA batteries. In addition to jackets, the company offers belts and umbrellas that also use this system. Even if you're not a runner or a cyclist, combine this jacket with a handful of glitter and an oversized "Cat in the Hat" hat and you're bound to be the coolest person at your family's next rave. Just be sure to stuff those jacket pockets with lollipops; they'll keep your grandmother from grinding her teeth again.


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