Space Golf Shot Disallowed

May 30, 2006

space_balls.jpgIn a story we mentioned previously, a Russian cosmonaut was scheduled to hit a golf ball from the International Space Station (ISS) this week. Unfortunately, changes have been made to the program, and the cosmonaut will no longer be hitting the ball on this week's space walk. According to the Interfax news agency, it is still unknown whether or not the jettisoned ball will threaten various "orbital space machines," which includes the ISS itself. The golf shot has been tentatively rescheduled for the ISS's next spacewalk in November, but NASA is still reviewing the safety of the proposed shot and the swing. I don't know why NASA doesn't see this as an opportunity more than a problem. For a nominal fee, they could "accidentally" hit a golf ball into nearby satellite, and then an entire news channel would be off the air. It'd be just like Caddyshack! Except without that gopher. And it'd be in space. And there'd be cosmonauts. Maybe it wouldn't be like Caddyshack.


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