Space Goggles Reduce Space Sickness

May 19, 2006

NASA held a luncheon recently to honor technology that has helped ease space travel and reduce space-related problems. One of the technologies honored was a stroboscopic goggle system that helps prevent the nauseating effects of "space sickness." Space sickness symptoms are common to those of motion sickness, and they can affect astronauts for the first few days in space and the first few days back on earth. The goggles help to reduce space sickness symptoms by using LCD "shutters" to produce a strobe effect that quickly alternates between darkness and clear images. The goggles allow the wearer's eyes to better "freeze" visual images, which helps reduce disagreement between the eyes and the ears, a common cause of the sickness. Goggles that block out the vision of an astronaut? What could go wrong? It's not like they're steering billion dollar spacecrafts through an onslaught of lasers and dive bombing alien insects. Wait. I might be thinking of Galaxian, but still.


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