Samsung Announces Fuel Cell Deal

May 19, 2006

fuel_cell_samsung.jpg Samsung has signed an exclusive deal with MTI MicroFuel Cells to develop fuel cell power sources for cell phone prototypes. Samsung plans to use MTI's patented Mobion direct fuel cell technology to provide extended runtimes and instant recharging capabilities for the new breed of cell phones. The companies will work together to create prototypes and eventually enter into a "product commercialization agreement." After the product commercialization agreement, the two companies might wed because they love each other so damn much. So fuel cells are making their way into cell phones. That's great because that's exactly where we need them: in cell phones. I know I'm spending hundreds of dollars each week at the cell phone recharging station and I'm bound to pay much more as summer arrives. If only there were a way to convert our gasoline surplus into phone power, then we'd be totally set.


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