NASA's Inexpensive Infrared Spots Dracula

May 25, 2006

nasa_infrared.jpg NASA has developed an inexpensive detector that can see invisible infrared light in a range of "colors" or wavelengths. Previous attempts at creating a low-cost alternative to conventional infrared technology could only detect a narrow range of infrared colors, which was the equivalent of a black and white camera photograph. The increased range of this detector can gather detailed information like chemical composition, speed, direction of motion, and other data that a regular camera could not capture. Some of the potential uses of this new technology include locating forest fires, monitoring food processing for contamination and spoilage, locating power line transformer failures, and aiding in the detection of malignant tumors. I think we can all rest assured that we have finally developed the technology to economically give the T-800 robot the vision it needs to successfully end our tyrannical reign. Our next goal should be to find a way to give robots the power to grow large knives and spikes. One day at a time, I guess.


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